Who Are We?

PARC is a legally registered company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Established by a dynamic team of skilled and experienced communicators, PARC's strength, expertise and core competency are in:

  • Development Communications

  • Media Outputs & Strategic Dissemination

  • Knowledge Building & Management

  • Outreach Activities

  • Training, Mentoring and Capacity Building

  • Research, Survey and Impact Assessment

  • Policy Advocacy

PARC offers expert services to government organizations, donors, INGOs, NGOs, multinational companies, private firms and individuals for designing and implementing communications plans and strategies, short term and long term projects around media, and research.

To amplify the impacts of media and communication, PARC uses creativity in its style, authenticity in messaging and efficacy in dissemination. It brings value to the money spent by its clients by creating high-end media products but strategically disseminating them to the target audiences. Img

What is our philosophy?

PARC believes that media and communications have the power to transform individuals, societies and nations.

PARC taps the power of media and communications to:

  • create awareness,

  • inspire behavior change,

  • advocate for policy reforms,

  • ignite positive change,

  • build community resilience,

  • reducing poverty,

  • and help prosperity.

In which areas do we work?

Img PARC is based in Kathmandu, Nepal but can provide media and communication services for and about any or all parts of the country directly, or through its diverse partner media organizations. PARC has experience in conceptualizing, designing and implementing projects around media, communications and outreach in areas such as environment, climate change, biodiversity, forest, disaster preparedness, resilience, child rights, trade, and economy.

What specific services do we offer?

PARC officers a wide range of media and communication services, including but not limited to:

  • Television (documentary, telefilm, magazine, talk show, round-table debate, etc)

  • Radio (drama, magazine, PSA, etc)

  • Print (knowledge materials, infographic, fact-sheets, reports, two-pager, etc)

  • Multimedia (digital content for social media, short messages, folk songs, video PSA, drama, short films, etc)

  • Outreach (campaign, interaction, live debate, drama, etc)

  • Research (quantitative, qualitive, content research, impact assessment money survey, etc)

Dissemination (strategic planning, partnering, networking, sharing, measuring social media metrics, using analytics to amplify impacts)

Advocacy (designing and implementing campaigns)

Consultancy (media, communications, research, evaluation)

Mentoring (training, capacity support, etc)