Gone are the days when texts alone would suffice to deliver a message.

But it is now getting increasingly more difficult to rely on texts to communicate messages, especially if they are about complex topics like disaster preparedness.

But when texts are combined with visual elements like image, illustrations, and charts; they will have more power to reach and engage people.

PARC has demonstrated its capacity to produce Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials in a visually appealing and technically sound manner.

To raise public awareness about disasters like landslide, flood, lightning, community fire, wildfire, windstorm and cold wave, PARC has developed and disseminated IEC materials, infographics, and fact sheets by combining texts with artwork by well-known illustrators.

PARC has also demonstrated its capability to reach marginalized and vulnerable communities with its communication materials by producing them in multiple languages such as Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu and Doteli.

Here are some samples of the IEC materials produced by PARC:

Img An infographic about flood developed by Parc in the Bhojpuri language.

Img An infographic about windstorm developed by Parc in the Nepali language.

Img An infographic about lightning developed by Parc in Nepali language.